Product Information  

Production Method

  • Blending of tungsten powder with other metal powders and a bonding agent, cooling and sieving.
  • Pressing the blended powder to the required shape (allowing for shrinkage during the final processing), and shaping the green part component.
  • Pre-sintering the pressed components to remove the bonding agent.
  • Final sintering in the hydrogen fed furnace to fuse the powder particles together.
  • Supplied in bar, square, round and rectangle sizes are available in rough oversize, or turned or ground to exact requirements. Components can also be produced to customer drawings.


  • Possible, either to press components to shape, or to cut and shape material prior to sintering.
  • Reducing the amount of final machining necessary to produce the finished component.
  • Can be machined conventionally and without much difficulty.


  • High density (up to 65% denser than Lead).
  • Denser materials exist (Uranium, pure Tungsten, Gold, platinum group metals) but their use is restricted by availability, workability and cost.
  • Providing mass where volume space is limited.
  • Concentrated weight essential where accuracy is required in placement of mass.
  • Placement of weight in situations where airflow has a significant impact.

Thermal Properties

  • High softening temperature.
  • Low thermal conductivity and low coefficient of expansion gives the material a high resistance to thermal fatigue.
  • Excellent soldering erosion resistance to molten aluminium.
  • Strong at high temperatures with high thermal stability.

Mechanical Properties

  • High Young's modulus of elasticity. Does not creep when experiencing significant forces, unlike Lead.
  • Despite their strength, they remain ductile and resistant to cracking.
  • The hardness range of the alloys is typically 20-35 Hardness HRC.

Radiation Absorption

  • For gamma rays and X-rays, 1.5 times more effective than Lead.

Corrosion Resistance

  • More resistant to acid attack than stainless steel providing the ideal solution in hostile environments.

Health and Safety

  • Presents no risk to health or the environment.